The Adelshoffen brewery

The Adelshoffen brewery was founded in 1862 in Schiltigheim on the site of an old oil mill and acquired in 1868 by the Ehrhardt brothers. In 1883 the brewery was constituted in limited company under the name of Adelshoffen brewery.

In 1885 the production reached 80000 hectolitres of beer.

After the border closing by the German authorities, involving in fact a reduction in its sales turnover, the brewery joined in 1902 a close brewery, under German control, the "Hahnenbräu Gesellschaft" and created together a limited company of German right called "Strassburger Münsterbräu A.G.".

In 1910 the production reached 100000 hectolitres of beer and therefore the brewery became the third largest in Alsace.

After the retreat of the Germans in 1918, the brewery took again its name of origin and the French state is handed over, which released its portion to the sales.



In 1922 the brewery was put up for auction and this share was repurchased by the group "Pêcheur". The Adelshoffen brewery became a limited company of French right in 1938. At this time it chose a blazon as corporate idendity, which represented the cathedral of Strasbourg, certified copy of the blazon of the Adelshoffen village, disappeared during the Thirty Years War, from which it draws its name.

In 1950 its trademarks "Pils", "Münsterbräu" and "Select" were known and sold all over France and beyond its borders.

In 1966 the production reached 100000 hectolitres of beer.


Enamel sign about 1935

1982: the brewery launches a bomb on the market, Adelscott, the beer with whisky malt, at a time when the brewery feels some difficulties and plays its future on this beer. The bet is won and Adelscott became in 1987 the leader of the brewery which brews 80 000 hectolitres of them out of the 360 000 hectolitres that it produces.

In 1994 the brewery produces 655000 hl of beer and, in 1996, the Heineken multinational becomes majority shareholder of the group Fischer / Adelshoffen.

In July 2000 the brewery closed its doors.

Since this date the Fischer brewery continuous to brew the beer "Adelscott" and, recently, it markets again a beer under the trademark "Adelshoffen".