The "Brasserie de l'Espérance" brewery

The “Brasserie de l’Espérance” (meaning brewery of hope) brewery was founded in 1746 by the Hatt family in Strasbourg.

Around 1855 Philippe Jacques Hatt dug the fermentation and conservation caves in Schiltigheim at the same place as the current location of the brewery. The whole company was transferred to this place in 1863. Jean-Louis Hatt built together with his brother a malt factory. The chimney is the sole trace remaining of it.

One of the biggest brewing rooms which is still in operation today, was built in 1933 showing luxurious floors decorated with mosaics, stained-glass windows and seven big copper brew kettles.


1969 the Espérance brewery merges with the group "L’Alsacienne de Brasserie" (Albra) gathering the following breweries: breweries of Mutzig and Colmar, the "Brasserie de la Perle", located in Schiltigheim, and the Haag brewery, located in Ingwiller.

1972 Heineken became the main shareholder of the group Albra and 1980 Albra became "Heineken France".

Nowadays, the brewery of Schiltigheim is one of the three production sites of "Heineken France" (together with the breweries of Mons-en-Baroeul and of Marseilles). Heineken brews several trademarks of beers such as Ancre which is the original mark of the former "Brasserie de l’Espérance" brewery.