The Fischer brewery

Founded by Jean Fischer in 1821 in Strasbourg, in the "rue du Jeu-des-Enfants", the Fischer brewery moved from 1854 to Schiltigheim. The water is of excellent quality and the clay subsoil makes it possible, set up galleries to keep the beer cool.

The Fischer brewery, which became a public limited company in 1900, is known as the "Zum Fischer" brewery. It is also one of the first breweries to integrate industrial refrigeration into its production process. It can thus make and store beer in all seasons.

From 1903 it absorbed local breweries who could not cope with a necessary modernization: "Brasserie de la Hache" (1903, Schiltigheim), "Brasserie de l'Aigle" (1904, Surbourg), "Brasserie du Rhin" (1905, Schiltigheim), "Brasserie de Nico" (1905, Colmar), brewery Amos (1905, Wasselone).

1912 saw the construction of a malting plant integrated into the brewery.

In 1918, after the return of Alsace to France, it adopted the new name of "Brasserie du Pêcheur" (Fisherman Brewery), literal translation of the sign "Zum Fischer".


1922: majority interest in Adelshoffen brewery purchased at the "Domaines".

A draftsman of the "Oeuvre de Notre-Dame" is invited in 1930 to illustrate "a small man seated on a barrel, a mug in his hand, in an Alsatian decor". The "Fischermännele" was born, translating "little fisher man". He has a first outing on the brewery's 1930 calendar. Since then, he has proudly displayed his identity on all international stages.

On 11 August 1944, the brewery was bombed and two thirds of the facilities were destroyed. Restarting in degrading mode only fifteen days later.

1950: revival of the "brasserie du Pêcheur" renovated thanks to the financing by bond and war damage.

1963: takeover of the brand "Fischer" with more internationally sound in view of the launch of an export strategy.

Since 1973, the Brewery has undertaken several successive plans of expansion, development and diversification, still current.

In 1996, the brewery joined the Dutch group "Heineken International", which is one of the European leaders in the brewing industry.

Currently its site extends over 40000 m2 and its annual production amounts to 1.4 M hl.

Since April 2001, Fischer has benefited from a logistics platform of 72,000 m2 in the autonomous port of Strasbourg.

In the spring of 2004 Fischer returned to the past by launching a Pils beer called "Pêcheur"!

However, with a view to further rationalization, the Heineken group closed the Fischer brewery in 2009 and transferred production to two other sites in Schiltigheim (Brasserie de l'Espérance) and Mons-en-Barœul in the region "Nord" .