The Freysz brewery

The Freysz brewery was founded in 1872.

In 1894 the brewery acquired an area in Kœnigshoffen, a suburb of Strasbourg, and established there a new production unit.

In 1930, the brewery of Sochaux launched a merging movement to create the “Société des Brasseries et Malteries Franche-Comté - Alsace" (Company of the Breweries and Malt factories Franche-Comté – Alsace). The Freysz brewery adhered then to this group at the same time as 5 other breweries of the area: the Arlen brewery of Montbeliard, the Gangloff brewery of Besançon, the brewery of Lutterbach, the brewery of Mulhouse and the brewery of Sochaux.


 Enamel sign about 1930

In the 1950s, this brewery brews each year between 100000 and 120000 hectolitres of beer.

The Freysz brewery was purchased in 1967 by its neighbour, the brewery "Brasserie du Bois Vert", and closed in 1970.