The L.-F. Haag brewery

The brewery was founded around 1795 in Ingwiller and acquired by the Haag family in 1835. Louis-Frédéric Haag, which gave its name to the brewery, was Brewer until the beginning of the 20th century. His successors were Georges Haag, who took over the brewery Froehlich in 1920, then Frédéric-Louis Haag.

In 1935 the brewery became a public limited company. In 1947 it passed under the control of the brewery "Brasserie de L'Espérance", under the direction of Philippe-Jean Hatt.

In 1969, the Haag brewery joined the group "L'Alsacienne de Brasserie" (Albra) with the brewery of Mutzig, the Colmar brewery and the breweries "La Perle" and "L'Esperance" in Schiltigheim.

The Ingwiller site is closed in 1972 but the Haag brewery products continue to be brewed at Schiltigheim for a certain period.