The Kronenbourg brewery

In 1664, emerging from his fresh mastery of cooper / brewer, Jérôme Hatt rents and then buys the brewery "Zur Carthaunen" still today "brasserie du Canon", located place du Corbeau in Strasbourg.

In 1842, his descendant, Frédéric-Guillaume Hatt, settled in the neighborhood near the "Krutenau" where he just bought the "Brasserie du Bas-Rhin". In 1850, las floods, it transfers the cellars of the brewery of Cronenbourg, a suburb of Strasbourg.

From 1857, he delivered Paris by whole trains, thanks in particular to the pasteurized casks. His beer leaves then Alsace and conquered the entire French market.

In 1862 the whole brewery elected domicile in Cronenbourg, in the old Vauban fortifications.

In 1885 the brewery became a public limited company.



1919: Maurice Hatt develops the installation of his beer throughout the national territory.

In 1922, having absorbed the "brasserie du Tigre", the Hatt brewery becomes the first Alsatian brewery with the mark "Tigre Bock".

In 1940 the brewery was sequestered by the Germans.

In 1947, with the arrival of a new Jérôme Hatt, the "Tigre Bock" brand took the name of Kronenbourg. The same year Kronenbourg is the first brewer to throw the can of 33cl.

1949: pioneer in the matter, he invests his confidence in a new advent: publicity.

1951 saw the launch of the 25 cl can, the "Steinie", a true innovation, followed in 1953 by the first metallic can.


In 1952, the special beer "1664" was launched on the coronation of the Queen of England.

1959: Kronenbourg approaches European markets, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.

In 1961 production, quadrupled in 1959, quintupled that year with more than one million hectoliters brewed at the K1 factory, the only one yet, but not for a long time.

1963 Kronenbourg innovates with the launch of the six pack of lost glass bottles.

The company is prosperous and the brewery of Cronenbourg is no longer sufficient to ensure production: a new unit, the K2 plant, is opened in Obernai in 1969, the largest brewery ever built, scheduled for an annual production of 6 million Hectoliters.


In 1970, the company joined the Danone group alongside the "Société Européenne de Brasseries" (Kanterbräu).

1972: the Kronenbourg brewery sells 3 million hectoliters this year.

October 8, 1983: The Kronenbourg breweries celebrate their 7 million hectoliters, a prodigious figure which increases to 14 million by adding the production of its foreign partners.

In 1986, Kronenbourg merged with Kanterbräu SA to become "Les Brasseries Kronenbourg".

On July 19, 2000, the Kronenbourg Breweries were bought by Scottish & Newcastle, the first British brewery group, third in Europe with 47 million hectoliters per year.

And since late January 2008, Scottish & Newcastle being bought by Carlsberg and Heineken, Kronenbourg is controlled by Carlsberg.

With 8.2 million hectoliters per year and 36% market share, the Kronenbourg Breweries are by far the number one of beer in France.

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