The brewery of Mutzig

The brewery was founded at Mutzig in 1810 by Antoine Wagner.

Jérôme Wagner succeeded his father in 1844 and modernized the brewery. In 1866 his son, Camille Wagner, took over the management of the brewery which became a public limited company. He then equips the factory with the most advanced refrigeration system, which allows him to control perfectly the fermentations.

Having been spared during the Second World War, the brewery reigned supreme over the consumption of Alsatian beer in the 1950s.

In 1952, the breweries of Mutzig and Esperance entered the capital of the "Grandes Brasseries and Malteries de Colmar".

In 1969, the brewery of Mutzig joined the group "L'Alsacienne de Brasserie" (Albra) with the brewery of Colmar, the breweries of Esperance and "la Perle" located in Schiltigheim and the brewery Haag located in Ingwiller.

In 1972 Heineken became the main shareholder of the Albra group, and in 1980 Albra became "Heineken France".

The brewery of Mutzig has again brewed a volume of 600,000 hectoliters of beer per year when it was closed in 1989 by its owner despite the protests of the employees and the local population.

Currently Heineken still brews beer under the brands "Mützig" and "Mützig Old Lager" (now with a "ü", marketing obligates).