The brewery "Brasserie de la Perle - Charles Kleinknecht"

David Knoederer created in 1835, together with his wife, the brewery “Brasserie de la Ville de Vienne” (brewery to the city Vienna) in Strasbourg. Later, in order to increase the brewery, the Knśderer sons transferred it to Schiltigheim, a suburb of Strasbourg.

In 1876, Pierre Hśffel acquired the brewery and called it "Brasserie de la Perle" (Brewery of the Pearl). In 1882, he acquired the Frick brewery located in the neighbourhood, in order to build an important malt factory in 1890.


After the First World War, the engineer brewer Charles Kleinknecht took over the brewery. He developed dramatically the brewery, so that in 1939 it is the brewery with the greatest production of all the Alsatian breweries.

In 1945 the Kleinknecht family, living in exile during the German occupation, returned to Alsace to take over the brewery again.

After being specialized a long time in racking out of barrels, the brewery was equipped in 1948 with a bottling installation, which allowed it to expand its sales throughout France.


1969 the brewery merges with the group L’Alsacienne de Brasserie (Albra) gathering the following breweries: breweries of Mutzig and Colmar, the “Brasserie de l'Espérance", located in Schiltigheim, and the Haag brewery, located at Ingwiller. The "Brasserie de la Perle" closed in the following year, in 1970.